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Search over 21,750 products! Each supplier is recommended and invited for Membership of i-Chef. The i-Chef Supplier members have been approved by our panel of Industry Leaders.

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Here are the details of the carefully selected suppliers to the hospitality industry that has been chosen so far – each has been recommended and invited to participate in i-Chef. All of these Supplier members have been approved by the panel of Industry Leaders as the best in their field.

  • Let me explain how it works

    Quality, Quality, Quality

    Every chef, manager and professional in the hospitality industry is constantly looking for the best quality suppliers of goods and services. When I controlled 17 kitchens in the House of Commons and in commercial kitchens in Intercontinental Hotels, this was always one of the biggest challenges. Price was a factor and will always be but the quality of the product and the service level offered was vital. I used to telephone business colleagues and friends for recommendations and contacts.

    Here are the top suppliers that we recommend to you ? each one has been accredited by the i-Chef panel of Industry Leaders so that we continually increase the range and choice of the very best contacts for you to use.

    These companies and individuals have all been accepted as the very best in their respective areas. They have listed all their products and services in detail with photographs wherever relevant. There are over 21,000 (yes thousand!) products and lines featured within this section of i-Chef. Go have a wander around.

    These suppliers are also members of i-Chef and their interest is to increase their network of contacts so expand and increase their business. You may well meet them in person at some of the events and activities hosted by i-Chef during the year.

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    You can search the section by name, service, and product in the search box above, supported by a more detailed search by specific subject such as food or beverage. There is also a map showing their location so you can identify the best local suppliers nearest to you.

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    Once you have found a service or product that interests you then simply use the clear contact information.

  • Our service to you

    i-Chef is simply a network of the best contacts and companies within the hospitality industry so its up to you to develop a good working relationship with these suppliers

  • Introducing new Suppliers

    There is an almost limitless number of suppliers but we need to know they are recommended.

    Watch this space as we are introducing companies and specialist services every week. It is all about the quality!

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    You are best placed to provide recommendations to your fellow members. Please tell us at [email protected].

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Approved Suppliers

Search Over 21,750 products