Published: 18 October, 2017

Winnow announce #ForTheLoveOfFood campaign

Winnow, the technology company behind the Winnow Waste Monitor, is today announcing a new campaign which recognises the important contribution chefs are making in the global fight against food waste.

Working with thousands of chefs in 29 countries, Winnow’s users are preventing over 10,000,000 meals being wasted every year – the equivalent of one meal every three seconds being saved. Watch the campaign film here.

A huge win for sustainability, kitchens using Winnow also see a significant boost in profitability with food costs cut by between 3% – 8% on average. Globally Winnow users are saving £8.8m every year by preventing food waste.

Winnow has been adopted internationally by market leaders Compass Group (the world’s largest food service business), AccorHotels (Europe’s largest hotel chain) and IKEA (one of the world’s largest restaurant chains serving over 650 million guests a year).

Winnow’s technology is designed to connect the back of house to the cloud. Specialising in larger kitchens such as staff restaurants, universities, hotels and cruise ships, Winnow’s smart scales automatically weigh food going into the bin saving chefs time. Teams then receive daily reports which pinpoint where waste occurs.

Marc Zones, Winnow CEO and co-founder says, “We are delighted to announce our #ForTheLoveOfFood campaign which recognises the talented chefs working to reduce food waste, whilst also celebrating the craft and skill that producing great quality food requires. We are on a mission to help create a global movement of chefs working on this important global problem while also helping the hospitality sector drive cost efficiencies in a challenging environment.”

To find out more please view video.

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