Published: 12 May, 2015

Weather and consumer expenditure

summer outdoor cafeIt is a given that weather affects lifestyle choices. The warmer the weather, the more people will wander out of the house and indulge in dining out. However, this ‘causal’ relationship is particularly acute in the beginning few months of the warmer season, when people come out of the winter hibernation and embrace the weak rays of sun and milder weather.

Summerhouse_JPerugApril this year (one of the sunniest on record) saw an increase of 8% of expenditure on food and drink in pubs, according to the Barclaycard Consumer Spending Report. The good weather may have also encouraged Brits to stay in the UK during the Easter holidays, as travel spend within the UK increased by 6.8 % from this time last year. However, there are other factors at play that affect consumer spending – the favourable economic climate and low inflation rates also contributed to the boom.

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– The i-Chef Team