Published: 29 September, 2014

‘Mr Testicles’ – The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Unfortunately, we have all in our own way been affected by cancer whether that be through being diagnosed, or someone close to us finding out that they have this horrible disease. One mans crazy fun filled idea is soon to become a reality, with your help!  Skyball’s, is the brainchild of Patrick Cox, CEO of the Mr Testicles Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and part of the Male Cancer awareness charity. It is going to involve building a giant air balloon in the shape of a humongous pair of testicles in order to get people talking about and hopefully actively donating to the cause.

He even has Peter Griffin from Family Guy supporting the campaign along with a few others too! Be sure to check out &

This is all about raising awareness, so if any of you lovely i-Cheffer’s are able to assist with donations, retweets (@ChefBird, @MrTesticles, @mcac_charity) or in particular, by bidding on the ‘Chef Birds fundraising dinner’, then this cause will get the support it so rightly deserves!

The link is

There are quite a few other prizes that you could bid on if it takes your fancy so please pass the link on to your friends and colleagues

Thank you for taking the time to read this through. Your help could make all the difference!

Alan Bird,

Birds of Smithfield