Published: 8 May, 2015

Food Photographer of the Year

The BBC has revealed the scrumptious photographs shortlisted for the 2015 Food Photographer of the Year awards.

Garlic Instagram

From food portraiture and still life photographs for commercial use to the more journalistic of images, this year is a melting pot of genres and stylistic techniques in the entries.

Pressing wine

Commercial photography tends to focus on the finished product whereas food photography, which includes commercial images, also incorporates the processes involved in getting to the finished product.

Feast your eyes on some of the finalists featured below!


'Ten Acre Food In The Field'Photographer: Jake Eastham

‘Ten Acre Food In The Field’
Photographer: Jake Eastham

'Food Bloggers' Photographer: Michael Nowill

‘Food Bloggers’
Photographer: Michael Nowill


'Bring Home The Harvest' Photographer: Ian Thomas

‘Bring Home The Harvest’
Photographer: Ian Thomas


'Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture' Photographer: Jonathan Gregson

‘Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture’
Photographer: Jonathan Gregson


– The i-Chef Team