Published: 13 July, 2017

The Exciting World of Wagyu Beef

i-Chef are very pleased to announce that we have recently signed up new supplier Santa Rosalía to be part of our carefully selected, elite network of supplier members.

What made Santa Rosalía stand from the rest is the fact that they innovate and offer carefully crafted and selected, top-quality products that are reared and made with passion and respect for nature and animals.

The Wagyu meat from the Santa Rosalía estate is clearly different from that of any other breed, being absolutely superior in quality, highlighting aspects that define an extremely tender and juicy meat.

“Santa Rosalía is more than just a brand name”

The red-legged partridges of the Santa Rosalía estate are selected from the field, where they have remained a minimum of six months, under the conditions of a natural diet that, together with the benefits of a favourable ecosystem for it’s development.

The Santa Rosalía organic wines reveal a wonderful bouquet and taste with no chemical alterations. These quality organic wines are controlled by the Ecological Regulating Council of Castile-Leon and backed by our own ecological practices.

“From our estate to your palate.”

Santa Rosalía, reflects the origin of all the proposals that we elaborate in our estate Finca Santa Rosalía, in a unique environment of which we open the doors to all that wish to visit.

Please visit the Santa Rosalía website for further information.

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