Published: 1 September, 2014


This week sees the first batch of Cobnuts available. The cobnut is a type of hazelnut and have been grown in the UK since the 16th century.

Most cobnuts are grown in Kent and can be kept for several months, which is why they were popular with Victorian mariners.

Cobnuts are not generally prone to any diseases or pests, which means they are normally untreated by protectants or fertilizers.

Cobnuts are very high in protein, fibre and calcium. They are also very rich in vitamin E (which can helps protects the body’s cells).

Some Recipe Ideas:

  • Watercress & Cobnut Soup
  • Braeburn Apple, Avocado & Cobnut Salad
  • Pork, Cumin & Cobnuts
  • Plum & Cobnut Crumble
  • Treacle Tart with Finely Chopped Cobnuts
Did you know…
Only female flowers can produce nuts, whilst the male flowers produce ‘catkins’, with each catkin producing millions of pollen grains, ready to be distributed on the wind.

Published: 9 March, 2014


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