i-Chef Standard membership includes...

  • Exclusive Membership
  • Approved Suppliers
  • Future Talent
  • Events & Gatherings
  • Great Contacts
  • Smart Deals
  • Forum
  • News
  • Skills Tutorials

i-Chef PLUS membership includes...

All of the Standard benefits above, plus...

FREE tickets

Free attendance at two of our i-Chef events PLUS a guest each year, worth over £60.

Preferential registration

Advance notice of all i-Chef events and gatherings 10 days before they are announced to standard members.

Tasters & Samples

Access a selection of regulary updated samples from our exclusive suppliers, delivered directly to your place of work.

Private Tastings

Select gatherings to taste and test products in an exclusive environment.


From kitchen design to preparing Japanese speciality dishes – these seminars offer real insight into areas not usually available.

i-Chef’s Table

A mix of social and business to meet industry colleagues and friends, featuring members’ menus and dishes, hosted at interesting and unusual venues around the UK.

Wine Collective

Expand your knowledge about wines with knowledgeable speakers in a less formal and fun manner. Enjoy great offers for personal and business use.

Get everything you need for only £5.99* a month,
or for even more value, just £49.99* a year!

*Costs include VAT at 20%
Above is just a quick overview of how to get the most out of your i-Chef account by upgrading to i-Chef Plus. The added benefits are amazing - and growing all the time! David Dorricot, Founder of i-Chef
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