How to prevent sugar from clumping

Published October 12, 2016

Air, heat and humidity are all factors that can quickly turn your sugar lumpy and both white and brown sugar require special storage to help protect them. Both white sugar and brown sugar react to air very differently – white sugar clumps together when there’s too much moisture in the container whereas brown tends to […]

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i-Chef tips: 6 quick fixes for too spicy dishes


So  what really works? We British love a bit of spice but what about if you’re serving to paying customers whose palettes might not be quite so appreciative? So how can you tone down the heat-factor? 1) Add more ingredients Yes I know, the obvious choice but by adding more volume to your dish, the […]

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Register NOW for our outstanding sushi masterclass!

Published October 11, 2016

Join us on Tuesday 15th November for this unique i-Chef opportunity. Attend a masterclass hosted by a top i-Chef supplier to learn & make rolled Sushi and see a demonstration of Nigiri Sushi at the esteemed Sozai Japanese Cookery School – Middlesex Street E1 – 4.00 pm – 6.30 pm ( We are offering all […]

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i-Chef Event Announcement

Published October 6, 2016

Just a quick note from us to let you know that we are hosting a fine evening event at Pulia Restaurant, London on the 19th October. We have literally a handful of spaces left. If you are interested and want further details, let me know at [email protected] or of course any other comments or points […]

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