Keep it seasonal, it’s so much better!

Published November 30, 2015

Without a doubt fruit and veg tastes best and is better value when it’s in season. Top chefs favour fresh seasonal produce, whether it peaks for just a month or half a year. For that extra juiciness and succulent taste that you never want to leave your mouth, choose your fruit and vegetables when they are […]

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Belazu ingredient company

Published November 26, 2015

After 25 years as the market leader of fresh, aromatised olives in the UK, The Fresh Olive Company have decided to change its name to the Belazu Ingredient Company. Due to the wide range of amazing products now available the Fresh Olive name just does not do the company justice. A gorgeous extensive range of […]

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It’s not just cricket!

Published November 23, 2015

Britain’s first insect restaurant has opened in Pembrokeshire. The Christmas menu looks fantastic; serving spiced crispy grubs and a mouth-watering vanilla mealworm panacotta. But what is the reason for such an original idea? Is it original? We as humans have been eating insects for thousands of years, but in somewhat different surroundings to a traditional […]

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Can less mean more for hungry diners?

Published November 19, 2015

The norm when eating has us used to a varied and extensive menu of delicious choices, but according to restaurant search website Zomato one in ten new London restaurants now focus on a single dish, but done to lip smacking perfection! The concept of specialising and building your brand around one exciting dish simplifies the […]

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Pulia – Truly something special!

Published November 12, 2015

Last night the i-Chef team together with a select group of hospitality professionals witnessed some truly inspiring Italian hospitality and fine produce down at Pulia located near the Borough Market.     We would like to say a big thank you to Georges Tohme, owner of Pulia, and his team of dedicated staff for putting […]

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