Drink Feast, 12-14th of December 2013

Published November 15, 2013

This December, Drink Feast will be dropping its anchor at Hoxton Docks to welcome friends from around the world on an enchanting experience of theatre, adventure,  discovery and imagination. Hosted by OffBeat, Drink Feast is London’s immersive drinking experience, showcasing the best liquid creations from across the globe all under one roof. Drink Feast will be taking […]

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Support the Philippines by making a donation

Published November 13, 2013

Please donate now and help save a life in the Philippines. Every minute counts.It has been 96 hours since Typhoon Haiyan made landfall and Action Against Hunger teams have already been mobilised. 140 tons of life-saving supplies are on their way to the Philippines.Six cargo planes carrying emergency supplies such as safe drinking water, water purification […]

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Are outsourced hotel restaurants a passport to success?

Published November 2, 2013

i-Chef can see value and challenges –  as described by Alan Newton of Grass Roots ‘it is increasingly common for prominent hotels around the world to outsource a food & beverage outlet to a specialist high end restaurateur, encouraging hotel clientele to remain on-site’  yet that does not mean that the hotel abdicates all responsibility for […]

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Technology in the kitchen – is there a role?

Published October 30, 2013

i-Chef views technology as a vital ingredient in kitchen management. Whether its storing menus, costing, purchase orders or just staff rotas the I pad, tablet and even the smart phone all have currently available programmes that can be adapted. When is the ‘i-chef app’ being released – well watch this space!

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It’s Beaujolais Nouveau time

Published October 10, 2013

In early November that well known phrase will appear ‘Beaujolais Nouveau  est arrivé’  –  but is anyone interested anymore? i- chef thinks this is a brilliant marketing campaign that has served its time. Beaujolais Nouveau owes its easy drinkability to a winemaking process called carbonic maceration, also known as whole-berry fermentation. This technique preserves the […]

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Taking care of the next generation

Published October 8, 2013

i-Chef supports free school meals for children under 7 years old – Good food culture in England had a welcome boost, with the announcement of free school meals for infants from next September. This could have a transformative effect – on health, morale, attention and culture in schools – but it is important that parents are […]

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Grape harvest

Published October 6, 2013

i-Chef recommends English wine making as a source of enthusiastic activity. Dedham Vale winery invite participants to help with their harvest programme. “The grape harvest is between late September and October. We welcome volunteers to help us with this vitally important task. Get in touch if you would like to participate. The harvest atmosphere is great […]

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We love avocados

Published September 25, 2013

i-chef is a fan of avocados – not just because stars like Gwyneth Paltrow make them fashionable – the benefits of the avocado are well established with essential oils and vitamins  but they also are great as the foundation for breakfast  As Paltrow herself says, “Maybe you’re eating according to your blood type, maybe you’re […]

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